F r e q u e n t l y   a s k e d   q u e s t i o n s

Made in Germany
  The wide range of manufacture in Germany is an integral characteristic of ARCHIMEDE. Only few watch brands can offer such a high in-house added value. Starting with the design, through the production till the final control: Everything is made in Pforzheim / Germany. Here the prototypes are built, the ICKLER made cases manufactured and finally the whole watch assembled and controlled.

ICKLER Watch Cases
  All watch cases of ARCHIMEDE are manufactured by ICKLER in Pforzheim. Karl Ickler founded the Ickler family business in 1924 and today the company is managed - by the third-generation - as a family business. Almost everything is developed and manufactured in-house:

- Design
- Construction
- Prototyping
- Parts Production
- Surface finishing / treatment
- Laser engraving
- Assembling and controlling

  The warranty is two years after purchase.
If you have bought a used ARCHIMEDE, the 2-years warranty will be transferred. Yet in such a case we check if the watch was treated appropriately and inform you about the acceptance of a warranty issue. Even after the warranty has expired we do our utmost to help our customers as rapidly and inexpensively as possible. We are always eager to serve our customers in word and deed.

  For orders from outside the EU the V.A.T. is reduced automatically from the price.
If you buy a watch at our premises in Pforzheim and you want to refund the V.A.T. we charge 45€ handling fee.

Inspection of the watch
  Your ARCHIMEDE should be serviced after 4-5 years. This service can be done by us, by one of our service partners or by a good watch maker near you.

Delivery Time
  We ship after 1-2 weeks after receipt of your order and payment. Custom-made watches will need about 2-3 weeks.

  ARCHIMEDE watches are only sold directly in Germany. This enables our outstanding cost-benefit ratio.
In several countries you can buy our watches at our authorized dealers and service centers of ARCHIMEDE. You will find the adresses in 'SERVICE'.

  Customs duties / taxes are not included in the shipping costs. The shipping company (Fedex or DHL) may send you a separate duty and tax invoice.

Terms of Payment
  You can chose between paying via bank transfer or paypal.
If you buy your watch at our premises in Pforzheim we only can offer cash payment.

Terms of Delivery
  We ship our watches with Fedex and DHL. When sending the watches we always tell you the tracking number so that you can check the status of your shipment permanently.

Custom-made design
  We will gladly make special designs according to your wishes. Prerequisite is that we have the corresponding parts in program and in stock. Please note that we cannot offer return in this case.

Return Policy
  Of course you can send the watch back to us within 2 weeks. If the watch is in new condition as well as without any damages we will refund you the total amount after receipt of the watch.

Pilot watches: Meaning of FL 23883
  The German Air Ministry classified certain aircraft equipment with reference numbers. The pilots watches / Beobachtungsuhren got the reference FL 23883. ‘FL’ stands for ‘flight’ and ‘23’ for ‘navigation’). ‘883’ was given by the German Testing Office for Aeronautics. All watches had to be marked with FL 23883.

Individual case back engraving
  With pleasure we manufacture individual watches for our customers, which have instead of the standard laser engraving a personal  engraving on the case back. The engravings are made with standard Roman letter fonts. Other fonts can be used upon request. The price will be higher then. For programming of special fonts we need the text as 'dxf', 'eps' or 'ai'-file.