OutDoor 39 PROTECT

OutDoor 39 PROTECT

The scratch resistant Sports Utility Watch (SUW)


ICKLER case | Hardened stainless steel | Brushed surface | Luminous dials and hands | Swiss Made automatic movement

  ARCHIMEDE - Made in Germany

OPTIONS: Individual engraving, Display back

The OutDoor Protect is equipped with an ICKLER steel case. The special hardining process has the following properties:

- Hardness ca. 1200 HV
- Thickness of the hardened layer: ca. 30µm
- No on top coating but a diffusion of carbon. No spalling.

After the surface treatment the case main part and the bezel are hardened. Due to the enormous increase of the hardness up to ca. 1200HV the OutDoor Protect gets an excellent shield against scratches and other damages of the surface and is therefore even better equipped for all kind of excursions and outdoor-adventures.

Review about the OutDoor on Worn & Wound

Full-luminous dial
OutDoor with black dial and luminous hands
OutDoor Protect with FixoFlex Band
OutDoor straps