OutDoor 41 ANTIMAG

OutDoor 41 ANTIMAG

Antimagnetic, hardened stainless steel ICKLER case | brushed surface | luminous hands and dial | heat blued steel hand | Swiss Automatic movement

  ARCHIMEDE - Made in Germany

OPTIONS: Individual caseback engraving


Magnetism is the invisible enemy that can reduce the precision of watches or even bring them to a halt completely. You may not even be aware that your watch is regularly exposed to strong and potentially damaging magnetic fields. These days magnetic fields are ubiquitous, from your cellphone to your stereo speakers, computer monitors, and even the magnetic clasp on your handbag. The established industry standards for magnetic fields (DIN 8309 / ISO 764) limit fields to 4,800 A/m, but this provides little protection from many common magnetic fields. We have equipped the OutDoor AntiMag with an internal housing made of soft iron that provides protection from magnetic fields of up to 80,000 A/m / 1000 Gauss / 100 mT. Like a Faraday cage, this inner case – consisting of dial, movement holder and base bundles the magnetic field lines and guides them safely around the watch movement.

Despite the soft iron mantle around the movement, the OutDoor AntiMag maintains a modest profile, with a 41 mm diameter and a thickness of only 11 mm. Like the smaller OutDoor Protect (39 mm), the steel housing is hardened to a hardness of approximately 1200 HV. Comprising a slim crown protector, 7 mm screw crown, sapphire crystal and solid threaded base, the housing components form a compact and solid unit.

  Goldene Unruh 2008 - 1. Platz

When ordering an OutDoor AntiMag we offer from now on for a limited time a great Multitool for free. If you would like to receive it please also put in in your shopping cart.